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It’s totally free with 5,000 emails to 1,000 contacts every month. No credit card required. No designing or coding skills required, Create, send, and view our advanced reporting tools that can help to analysis.

Cost-effective and reliable email Marketing platform

PigeonMemo is providing Cost-effective and reliable email marketing platform that offers various email marketing features. We office cost-effective email marketing solution for small and medium size business with high inbox delivery. Create newsletters like a pro without HTML skills and customize them to match your brand. Our team believes in customer satisfaction and we would ensure that we meet to our customer need.

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  • List Management

    Store your subscribers with customize fields, First Name, Last Name, email or as you like.

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  • Robust Delivery

    PigeonMemo helps client in maximizing their Inbox delivery and Reach your engagement goals faster!.

Our campaign editor makes easy to create higher-performing email campaigns in less time that best suit your message without any coding skills. PigeonMemo provides advanced contact management option to create fields based on information need, not on email addresses. You can add as many information fields as you require.

Bulk Emailing Solution
  • Personalize your campaign with easy to use merge tags and html code to create unique newsletters.
  • Easy to use device friendly template with Custom HTML Editor that is compactable in IOS/Android/Windows.
  • Easily build and design attractive campaign to effectively communicate with your subscriber, or a template based on the memo you need to communicate..

Email Automation and Autoresponder

PigeonMemo introduce automation service which can help you to automate you daily busy schedule work by automating the email. By automating your email you don’t have require any Coding skill and technical expertise. You can send the right message at the right time automatically based on your customer’s behaviour with your previous campaign. Our Automation feature allows you to engage your subscriber by sending welcome mail, subscriber's birthday wishes, event based, weekly, and monthly or Trigger the automation as per our customer engagement.

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