High Inbox Delivery

Our Unique methodology helps client in maximizing their inbox delivery rate. No matter what is your sending volume, Our Strategic Advisor works with you to manage and maintain IP and domain reputation and helps to build healthy inbox delivery. Our expert team works with you to optimize sending strategy and manage whitelisted IP addresses and Domains. PigeonMemo email delivery platform is very robust backed by a dedicated support team to manage their system reputation. Our cloud-based email solution can help your email infrastructure to increase your revenue.

Abuse Monitoring System

PigeonMemo, Our expert team robustly monitors and manage Abuse Monitoring System. Our Team monitors IP Address and domain reputation to ensure and routes good traffic around blocked IPs& Domain and manages bounces across our user base. Our Endeavour to ensure we deliver the world class email marketing service to you.

ISP Feedback Loops

We’re on feedback loops with AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo, USA.net, Cox, Earthlink, and also we have registered with all the major ISPs to receive alerts whenever your recipients report your campaigns as junk or spam. If that happens, we immediately unsubscribe those members from your list in order to keep you from being blocked in the future. We actively works to maintain our whitelisted status. Even though most ISPs are transitioning to feedback loops, some still employ whitelists.

IP Address Ranges

PigeonMemo expert team uses hundreds of IP addresses located in multiple data center protect our deliverability. Our IPs are grouped into different reputation levels based on list member activity. We check our IP acceptance rates with ReturnPath, a leading third party deliverability vendor, and depending on which group of IPs an email is sent from, inbox acceptance rates range from 97 to 99 percent.

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