Real-Time reporting

PigeonMemo offer advanced report, which you can access from anywhere. Check your real time visitor and links activity reports of campaigns. We do not only chase trends, but instead focus on things that will always remain important to our customer. PigeonMemo has all the Email Marketing features which needed to make you successful. Our strength is:

email marketing analytics

Advanced Reporting -Track Opens & Clicks

PigeonMemo providing real time report which can help you to see how many deliver. Opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribed report on real time when campaign on running mode.

email analytics tool - PigeonMemo

Campaign Link Analytics

Advanced analytics reporting provides deep insights into how your customers open your email, which link they have click, which devices they use, where they are open & which time, and how many open & click. These reports that can help you to analyze, customize, and do improve your campaigns..

email marketing reporting

Campaign Opens Geolocation

Geolocation report helps you to understand where your subscribers are located and which countries have highest engagement with your campaigns.

location based email marketing

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