Pigeon Memo

PigeonMemo is a fast growing email marketing platforms for professional use globally. We are advantageous, self founded and owner-managed. Therefore, we are only accountable to our customers, and to nobody else. Over the years, we have been able to earn the trust of our customers, including some of the largest and smallest companies in world. We do not only chase trends, but instead focus on things that will always remain significant.

We invest heavily and continually in infrastructure, Design and customer support. Our mission is to improve service quality continually not quantity. We are believed in our customer reliability and satisfaction that empower our customers to grow and achieving their business Goals.

Pigeon Memo

PigeonMemo Team work closely with our customer and feel heartily their problem and try to provide best solution to make Job easier. .

Reliable & Resilient

PigeonMemo Team’s believes in customer happiness and our mission is to provide best service and solution to our customer. We invest heavily and continually in infrastructure and focus on things that will always remain important.

Great support

PigeonMemo Customer support team believes in happiness. We are not providing just a support we building healthily Relationship with focus on value centricity, commitment to business outcomes and provision of flexible and transparent support. Our team here to help you at any time when customer required! We are always happy to help you.

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